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    Variety from which you get a very nice wine, strong and soft, intense...

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    Interesting and beautiful variety produced in Hungary, early maturation...

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    It 'a variety produced in 1975 in Germany at the Institute of Freiburg...

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    Interesting and beautiful variety...

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Interesting and beautiful variety produced in Hungary, early maturation makes it suitable in areas with harsh climate and cold. And 'possible to grow beyond the 700 m slv up to 1,000 m above sea level. The foliage in the fall is a beautiful wine red! This grape has an excellent sweet flavor and a few small seeds, such as to be considered seedless grape.

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  • one year old plant with bare root
  • 25 plants with bare roots

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Data sheet

Grape berry color Red
Maturation period in Northern Italy 1st decade of August, 2nd decade of August
Maturation period in Southern Italy 1st decade of August
Grape round, medium, with seeds
Flavor fruity
Bunch medium-large, indicative weight: 400-500 gr, winged
Use wine, table, Juices, jams
Breeding pot, pergolati, espalier, creeper
Where to plant mountain 500 - 1000 mt, hill 200-500 mt, city
suitable for professional vineyards, family vineyards, vegetable garden, gardens, balconies and terraces
Deseases resistance high
downy mildew bunch high
downy mildew leaves high
powdery mildew leaves medium high
powdery mildew bunch medium high
Phytosanitary treatments From 0 to 2 treatments with sulfur-based products, with the possible addition of copper, before and after flowering.
Other new variety, red leaves