About us

Vitifera was founded by Dr. Agr. Marco Vacchetti who works in the wine and nursery sector since the late 1990s.
The passion for the vine in all its historical, cultural, artistic and mythological aspects developed the knowledge and professionalism able to satisfy every need of all lovers of the vine.
The sale is mainly for small producers, enthusiasts, those who seek only a pergola to enjoy the shade and the fresh fruit, who has a balcony or terrace and wants to wake up enjoying a tasty bunch.
They can be placed in public and private gardens, or they can also be used for small urban vineyards above sheds or in roundabouts.
Our desire is to guarantee to rediscover the "home products" and to make children and adults rejoice.

With online sales we aim to bring our plants, even in small quantities, to every home and share with you the results, the expectations, the problems of cultivation.
We are always available, by email or telephone, for advice and information.

If you are a professionist and you want to order large quantities of plants click HERE and connect to Vivai Viticoli Trentini.