What is the best time to order plants?
The plants can be ordered from October to June. We recommend ordering them as soon as possible to have the widest choice and plant them in optimal conditions.

When can I plant the plants?
The best period for transplanting is from October to March. After March it will be necessary to provide more care and irrigation.

How can I store plants before transplanting?
In the case of bare-rooted plants it is important that they are kept in a cool, dark place and make sure that the package is tightly closed in order to maintain the right humidity.
 For potted plants there is no problem except to make sure that the soil is always slightly damp.

How do I choose the right variety for my needs?
Through the innovative selection method you can choose the most suitable variety by evaluating different parameters.

How deep should I put the plants?
For the planting in the ground of two-year-old plants it is necessary to dig a hole 50 cm deep and 40 cm wide. The plant must be buried keeping the grafting point 10 cm above the ground.
For bare-root plants a hole 30 cm deep and 20 cm wide is required.

What are the first treatments for plants?
Immediately after the transplant it is advisable to irrigate the plant well.

At the planting should I give fertilizer to the plants?
Usually there is no need for fertilization at the time of planting; it is possible to evaluate, depending on the characteristics of the soil, the addition of universal soil or sand to be mixed with the soil present on site.

Do I have to put a brace pole on the plant?
A brace (bamboo, wood, iron, PVC ..) positioned next to the plant will have the task of supporting the trunk in the presence of wind and favoring vertical growth.

How many times do I have to water the plants during the summer?
 For plants planted in the ground we recommend taking 5-10 days with 5-10 liters per plant.
 For potted plants a more frequent but less abundant supply of 1-2 liters of water every two days is required.

Do resistant plants require no phytosanitary treatment?
The "resistant" plants need very few phytosanitary interventions. The phytosanitary indications are in the technical data sheets of each variety.
Interventions against possible insect attacks may need to be checked from time to time with our expert.

What are the shipping costs?
Shipping costs vary depending on the amount and location. For further information visit the shipping section.

Is there a minimum order?
 There is no minimum order. To reduce the incidence of shipping costs, it is advisable to place an order of at least 3-5 plants.

How can I pay?
 The accepted payment methods are bank transfer, Paypal, Postepay and cash on delivery.

Is it possible to be notified before delivery?
 It can be requested but we cannot guarantee as the couriers do not always perform this service.

How does discounting work?
 Discounts are usually higher for a growing number of ordered plants. Each item shows the discount percentage.

Why aren't plants always available?
 Availability may depend on whether the plant was put into production in the year or is not used up. It is therefore important to order as soon as possible.

Can plants be damaged during transport?
 The plants are packaged in such a way that they can withstand 30 days of travel in the autumn and winter months.
 The packaging is designed to withstand the worst abuses of couriers. If the package was really damaged at the time of delivery, please accept it with reserve.


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