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Variety can give you a great satisfaction for the quality and quantity of grapes. Bunch medium large berries, tasty and very pleasant.

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Data sheet

Grape berry color White
Maturation period in Northern Italy 2nd decade of September, 3rd decade of September
Maturation period in Southern Italy 1st decade of September
Grape round, medium, with seeds
Flavor fruity, aromatic
Bunch pyramidal-cylindrical, medium-large, indicative weight: 400-500 gr, winged
Use table, Juices
Breeding pot, pergolati, creeper, espalier
Where to plant hill 200-500 mt, city, flat land - under 200 mt
suitable for family vineyards, vegetable garden, gardens, balconies and terraces
Deseases resistance high
downy mildew bunch high
downy mildew leaves high
powdery mildew leaves medium high
powdery mildew bunch medium
botrytis medium high
Phytosanitary treatments From 0 to 2 treatments with sulfur-based products, with the possible addition of copper, before and after flowering.
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